Winter, 2016. it me you’re looking for?

Winter is here….it’s December….2016

Trump was elected President. I am still reeling from this. How will insurance be affected? How will my insurance be affected? My son’s insurance? My insurance has been great for my Rheumatoid Arthritis. I have been able to get any medication my doctor(s) have requested/prescribed, physical therapy, and I get money back for massage or a gym. I live in Massachusetts and frankly, there are states better than other states for care for those with auto-immune diseases. Should this be the reason I stay in Massachusetts? Should this be a factor? Unfortunately, it has to be. I think whether I move or not move in the next few years will depend on my mom–who is in NY–and how my RA is over the next couple of years.

I love winter. I love all of the seasons. I don’t like living in a place where all you can see are condos.(some areas of South Florida). I lived in South Florida for 11 years and loved it. But I am afraid to start over.  That is why I love New England. But it is expensive up here. Winter is not for the weak souls. Ugh. I could debate this for a long time.

I have been struggling with a terrible left shoulder pain for a few months. It was mild in the summer, just a bit of an ache, then in September it worsened. I received 2 steroid shots in the joint from my Rheumy, which helped a slight bit. At this point, the shoulder hurts up to the neck, up and around the scapula, and behind the joint. I take about 6-9 Ibuprofen daily just so I can sleep at night and function during the day. I finally got an Ortho. appointment for January 4th. Looking forward to it. I think it may be a tendonitis of some sort. Hoping that it is not an issue with my rotator cuff. The down time post surgery is not great. However, doing things with mostly one arm–shoveling snow, lifting boxes, lifting grocery bags, isn’t fun either. Never a dull moment…..



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