Hello, Summer…..I am not a fan…

Summer was the season of heat and sunshine and trees. Bugs, netting, fireflies, staying up late. Swings, lakes, beach, sunburn, smell of suntan lotion. Coppertone, freckles, shorts, towels, bathing suits, marshmallows, hot dogs, lobsters, etc. etc………………..you get the drift. I loved everything about summer until…until…I got Rheumatoid Arthritis.

The god damn humidity feels like it seeps into my joints — hands, wrists, knees, hips, low back, upper neck, shoulders (oh..my poor shoulders) and my feet and it sits there. Swelling and achy. I am like the tin man in the Wizard of Oz.

article-2087862-0F805DEB00000578-969_233x423<<<<Hello..I am moving slowly because I need oil!!

Someone may say–Take a warm shower! — this usually just makes me tired. I take these at night. Or: Do yoga: I can barely get on the floor. Seriously.  I do get down on the floor to stretch and I move slower than molasses, but at least I am moving. The most important joints I stretch? Hips and ankles and toes. The lower body needs to be toned up first. If that area of the body can be toned up first, then you feel like a …..spring chicken?? Nyah! Maybe a mildly oiled up tin man!!

Here are the stretches, yes even if you are a female–like me–you need groin stretches.


Do whichever ones work best for you. Hold as long as you can without pain. Sing happy birthday in your head 2x. Do these at night while watching television and you will feel rather well the next day. Promise. 🙂


*** Hugs***


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