What brings you pain?

Sometimes I find that a fragrance will give me a headache. The chemicals in a perfume, or shampoo or conditioner can cause blood vessels to dilate and can trigger a headache. If I am interested in a fragrance, I look for an organic fragrance. Preferably one made from essential oils, but essential oil fragrances do not last long. I read reviews and if there is something to try, I will try it and walk around to see if it bothers me. If in doubt, I don’t buy it. This fragrance has been easy on me:


It comes in several different scents. It is a glass bottle, important to me in that I do not want plastic going into the formula, and the bottle is very large. I spray it on me, my dog, in the air. Smells so good. It does not last as long as a strong scent you will buy in Macys. Know that. But this will not give you a headache, or it doesn’t for me. 🙂

I also prefer coconut oil for my skin, but not my face. It is too heavy and it causes these white bumps around my eyes. So, I use a low smell Aveeno moisturizer on my face or something my Dermatologist recommends. I also will get a super creamy organic creamy thick moisturizer for my arms and legs and body as my skin gets so dry. When I moisturize, it is almost like a massage for my arms and legs and joints. My arthritis and fibromyalgia love the movement and the lymph system needs to be massaged every night. Win win!

I also use Chaz Dean’s WEN Cleansing Conditioners. My hair is beautiful from it, and I dont need to use as many products when I use the WEN line.

Well, there ya go! I hope this was helpful.


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