Books and books and info and ……

I have recently watched a show on PBS by the author of WHEAT BELLY and WHEAT BELLY TOTAL HEALTH.  

   The premise behind the books is that wheat and grains can cause pain — stating it simply– by increasing inflammation in the body. It can also cause heart problems and obesity. If you think about it, wheat, the kind that has been with us in the form we eat it has been used for only about a hundred years. Our bodies are not used to it. I am going to read these books thoroughly and will provide a review. This August I have been getting a lot of swelling in my feet and legs and abdomen. Why? Cholesterol has to be checked. Will get that done tomorrow. BP is good. Weight is highest it has been due to the damn prednisone. From my mouth to God’s ears, I will not be on that medication again. Does more harm than good. I make myself walk every day and jog a bit three times per week. Movement is good. Also get the gluteus medius strong to keep the SI joints strong. 👌🐾


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