Asking too much of myself

I am learning to respect myself. I am learning that my body has gone through dramatic changes over the past couple of years due to this chronic inflammation which has resulted, or been the result of, rheumatoid arthritis. I find that I look too far into the future to figure out what I should be doing, will be doing, where I will be placing my feet for good. I am one to not enjoy surprise and have preferred to have things worked out before time is upon me & to make a decision on my life. What I have learned is that I need to slow down, let things happen, and not fret so much. I have what I need, I can provide for my darling son, and live in a lovely home, rented but lovely. Deep breaths and getting in touch with possibly better physicians group (at Massachusetts General Hospital) will provide me with more information to make better decisions moving forward. Peace and love and hope.

I recommend some products here because I use and love them. I do not get asked to market or paid to market. I find these by my own trial and error. If someone from another blog should recommend to me or if someone should send something to me then shall always be honest first. 

SWIFFER has these awesome reachable dusting gadgets. Picture below. No strain on your shoulders. Just put it together simply. No stress. I can reach to the highest places and the lowest places without hurting anything. Best part is that I feel accomplished!! These thing pick up everything! Spiderwebs, dust, pollen, laundry room dust, just about anything a home can muster.  


Not expensive. Cheaper than buying paper towels. No chemicals. Did I say I love these? 🌹

Here’s a picture of one  of the dirty culprits in my home. for more information.  


It’s beautiful outside in Boston today!! Going to get outside for a long walk. I haven’t been running for some time. My medication was not working last year so a med change was in order. More about that coming soon. Love to all.  



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