Agreeing with myself….

I have learned that life is not something to beat into submission, nor have me beat into submission, but is like the ocean. Waves come in, and waves go out. yin/yang. Up and down. Good and bad. I believe that what we focus on we bring to ourselves…it’s sometimes tough to not focus. 


I’ve begun running again. RUNNING WITH RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS!! RUNNING WITH CHRONIC PAIN!! I must lose at least 40 lbs. I’ve lost an inch in my waist after 4 weeks of running. AND watching what I eat. Getting myself together and getting complaints filed and getting the money due to me. Long stories. I have felt as if I am a victim so long…too long. I had a wonderful husband who supported me. He’s gone now. He doesn’t support us at all. Not emotionally, not in any way or shape or form. Sad, actually. Even though we aren’t married any longer I would still support him, but he has tried to beat me down for so long and I have crawled back up. Running gives me strength. How it does this, I don’t know. Running brings me joy. I smile the most during and after a run 🙂 My little sweet dog, Max, is my running bud. He is a Malti-Poo and a damn tough one 🙂 He loves to run with me. Sometimes I go alone, and I hear him whimpering at the door as I walk down the driveway. Sigh…..Image


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