The presentation is not always great, but the substance is.

Feeling body aches, joint pain, and ridiculous headaches are a part of life. Hiding these problems everyday from those I meet, work with, care about is the predominant feature in my life. Pain is my Google Calendar…why? Because pain dictates what will get done that day…and when it will get done. I have found that later in the day is better for me. Early part of the day is worse. Why I wonder? Wouldn’t rest overnight help the pain and clear my brain? My brain is clear, my mind is clear, but the pain is worse in the morning. 

what changes can be made in my lifestyle? Must must MUST force myself to exercise daily, stretch daily no matter how bad the pain that day. I know that there is something out there that can improve my life and the way I live my life. At this point, there is no way that I can have a regular, working for someone else go to a 40 hour per week job and commute back and forth. My days and pain are too difficult to predict. I changed primary care physicians and am looking forward to hoping to get some ways to decrease this pain even more. SIGH.


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