It’s a wild and crazy world!

My first post was about pushing through, sucking it up, and getting on with life. I think that the way I view the world is that nobody has pain, nobody has problems, nobody has financial struggles. However, when I take the focus off of myself, quiet my mind, I can see the world from a different place and realize that for the most part people don’t share what they struggle with. We have learned in this society to keep our struggles to ourselves. The signs of NO WHINING or jokes about Pull your big girl pants on kind of hang in our ears. People with chronic pain have learned self mastery. We wake up in the morning and know what needs to be done, but we have to assess where our bodies are at on that given day to determine how we will get things done, where we will get things done, and IF we will get things done. I have learned to just let some things go. So I won’t have a house worthy of a Better Homes and Gardens magazine cover. Not a big deal. Far more important are the ties I reinforce with my friends and family. This is what I save up my time for. I just wish my back and neck didn’t hurt so much…..


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