April…it’s April already?

Well, I had my most recent injections last month (3rd set). Facet injections–3 and SI joint injection on left, plus L5 nerve root injection. Yikes. Sounds worse when I read it. Oh–forgot–my occipital injection. Prior to these injections–I began having excruciating headaches again. I mean–knock me into bed and leave me alone–headaches. The back and hip pain is excruciating if I don’t have these injections regularly. I mean–I am relegated to home and sometimes bed. Quite frustrating based on that I do not have any extended family here–only my two sons who can’t help me, I still help them. I am quite independent I suppose because I have to be. It would be nice to give up some of this independence for some help 🙂

In order to make a life for myself, I applied to and was accepted into law school in 2005. 3 weeks before my then 5 year old son jumped on my back to wrestle and I ruptured my disc in my low back. I persevered through law school. Never gave up. Never took time off despite surgery mid first semester and –oh I forgot–I also suffered for years from Stage 4 Endometriosis. So, I had a surgery every semester for that. Now my goal is to move on, deal with the chronic pain in ways to alleviate it, manage it, control it, and strengthen my body through a variety of meds, foods, exercise, and mind-body focus. God Bless.


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