the beginning of pain

I was a runner, an athlete–in my own mind anyway. A mother. A wife. An Occupational Therapist. An Auntie. A friend. I lost many pieces of myself on September 18, 1998, again in 2005, and most recently in March, 2011. I sustained a life altering traumatic injury to my lumbar spine in September/1998. I was 20 weeks pregnant and hit by a bus. Yes–a bus. Knocked over a fence and into my neighbor’s yard. My baby was born at 35 weeks. I endured years of physical therapy, surgeries, and what was to my new life–one of chronic pain. I never had to take anything stronger than an occasional ibuprofen before this accident. After the accident, I had trouble sitting, sleeping, standing, moving. Thank God I had my wonderful husband……until he just was done and he moved onto greener pastures where he reminds me quite often that he is in a wonderful relationship now and is very happy. Sorry to have inconvenienced you with my accident. đŸ˜• This blog will reveal more of what I have gone through to push through the pain and develop a new life. I have no other choice but to either push through or curl up in a ball. So–I push through and make a life for me and my sons (ages 21 and 13).


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