Winter, 2016. it me you’re looking for?

Winter is here….it’s December….2016

Trump was elected President. I am still reeling from this. How will insurance be affected? How will my insurance be affected? My son’s insurance? My insurance has been great for my Rheumatoid Arthritis. I have been able to get any medication my doctor(s) have requested/prescribed, physical therapy, and I get money back for massage or a gym. I live in Massachusetts and frankly, there are states better than other states for care for those with auto-immune diseases. Should this be the reason I stay in Massachusetts? Should this be a factor? Unfortunately, it has to be. I think whether I move or not move in the next few years will depend on my mom–who is in NY–and how my RA is over the next couple of years.

I love winter. I love all of the seasons. I don’t like living in a place where all you can see are condos.(some areas of South Florida). I lived in South Florida for 11 years and loved it. But I am afraid to start over.  That is why I love New England. But it is expensive up here. Winter is not for the weak souls. Ugh. I could debate this for a long time.

I have been struggling with a terrible left shoulder pain for a few months. It was mild in the summer, just a bit of an ache, then in September it worsened. I received 2 steroid shots in the joint from my Rheumy, which helped a slight bit. At this point, the shoulder hurts up to the neck, up and around the scapula, and behind the joint. I take about 6-9 Ibuprofen daily just so I can sleep at night and function during the day. I finally got an Ortho. appointment for January 4th. Looking forward to it. I think it may be a tendonitis of some sort. Hoping that it is not an issue with my rotator cuff. The down time post surgery is not great. However, doing things with mostly one arm–shoveling snow, lifting boxes, lifting grocery bags, isn’t fun either. Never a dull moment…..


Hello, Summer…..I am not a fan…

Summer was the season of heat and sunshine and trees. Bugs, netting, fireflies, staying up late. Swings, lakes, beach, sunburn, smell of suntan lotion. Coppertone, freckles, shorts, towels, bathing suits, marshmallows, hot dogs, lobsters, etc. etc……………… get the drift. I loved everything about summer until…until…I got Rheumatoid Arthritis.

The god damn humidity feels like it seeps into my joints — hands, wrists, knees, hips, low back, upper neck, shoulders ( poor shoulders) and my feet and it sits there. Swelling and achy. I am like the tin man in the Wizard of Oz.

article-2087862-0F805DEB00000578-969_233x423<<<<Hello..I am moving slowly because I need oil!!

Someone may say–Take a warm shower! — this usually just makes me tired. I take these at night. Or: Do yoga: I can barely get on the floor. Seriously.  I do get down on the floor to stretch and I move slower than molasses, but at least I am moving. The most important joints I stretch? Hips and ankles and toes. The lower body needs to be toned up first. If that area of the body can be toned up first, then you feel like a …..spring chicken?? Nyah! Maybe a mildly oiled up tin man!!

Here are the stretches, yes even if you are a female–like me–you need groin stretches.


Do whichever ones work best for you. Hold as long as you can without pain. Sing happy birthday in your head 2x. Do these at night while watching television and you will feel rather well the next day. Promise. 🙂


*** Hugs***

What brings you pain?

Sometimes I find that a fragrance will give me a headache. The chemicals in a perfume, or shampoo or conditioner can cause blood vessels to dilate and can trigger a headache. If I am interested in a fragrance, I look for an organic fragrance. Preferably one made from essential oils, but essential oil fragrances do not last long. I read reviews and if there is something to try, I will try it and walk around to see if it bothers me. If in doubt, I don’t buy it. This fragrance has been easy on me:


It comes in several different scents. It is a glass bottle, important to me in that I do not want plastic going into the formula, and the bottle is very large. I spray it on me, my dog, in the air. Smells so good. It does not last as long as a strong scent you will buy in Macys. Know that. But this will not give you a headache, or it doesn’t for me. 🙂

I also prefer coconut oil for my skin, but not my face. It is too heavy and it causes these white bumps around my eyes. So, I use a low smell Aveeno moisturizer on my face or something my Dermatologist recommends. I also will get a super creamy organic creamy thick moisturizer for my arms and legs and body as my skin gets so dry. When I moisturize, it is almost like a massage for my arms and legs and joints. My arthritis and fibromyalgia love the movement and the lymph system needs to be massaged every night. Win win!

I also use Chaz Dean’s WEN Cleansing Conditioners. My hair is beautiful from it, and I dont need to use as many products when I use the WEN line.

Well, there ya go! I hope this was helpful.

Books and books and info and ……

I have recently watched a show on PBS by the author of WHEAT BELLY and WHEAT BELLY TOTAL HEALTH.  

   The premise behind the books is that wheat and grains can cause pain — stating it simply– by increasing inflammation in the body. It can also cause heart problems and obesity. If you think about it, wheat, the kind that has been with us in the form we eat it has been used for only about a hundred years. Our bodies are not used to it. I am going to read these books thoroughly and will provide a review. This August I have been getting a lot of swelling in my feet and legs and abdomen. Why? Cholesterol has to be checked. Will get that done tomorrow. BP is good. Weight is highest it has been due to the damn prednisone. From my mouth to God’s ears, I will not be on that medication again. Does more harm than good. I make myself walk every day and jog a bit three times per week. Movement is good. Also get the gluteus medius strong to keep the SI joints strong. 👌🐾

Speaking of supplements…..

I want to talk about supplements. I will share information on the ones that I use and the people whom I trust for information. Please note: YOUR MILEAGE MAY VARY. Please speak with your doctor, partner, significant other, nurse or whoever assists you with your health care. I am going to start with one which has made quite a distinct difference in my life. ANDREW LESSMAN’S HAIR, SKIN & NAILS — it contains MSM & Silicon. The below was taken from a portion of an interview by Dr. Mercola with David Wolfe. Dr. Mercola, is an osteopathic physician and alternative medicine proponent. I have been an avid reader of his website and information for years. Here is the link to Dr. Mercola’s website:

I have found that when I would read about a health issue on, it would take up to two or three years for the major media to have the same information.

David Wolfe is not only the Nutri Bullet guy: dwolfe

but prior to this, he has written numerous books, with valuable information. Much of which changed my life. Superfoods, Eating for Beauty, and Longevity Now are a few of Mr. Wolfe’s books. The Sunfood Diet Success System was my first book and my favorite book by far by David Wolfe. book

There are also several powerful anti-inflammatory supplements that can have immediate use. I want to be thorough in my review of what these things can do for you and your body relative to pain so … for tonight…I am handling……    The following is from David Wolfe speaking with Dr. Mercola:

MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) – Its ability to neutralize inflammation is one of the greatest, and one of the most inexpensive, discoveries in the field of chronic inflammation. As you all may or may not know >> chronic inflammation is the mammas and the pappas of Rheumatoid Arthritis.  C-reactive protein (CRP) is the inflammatory marker in your blood. CRP is a marker that indicates the level of inflammation in your body. MSM has been shown to break down the calcification that is frequently associated with chronic inflammation. In your arteries, it’s called plaque, which leads to heart disease. These plaques are the root cause of inflammation.

“MSM helps dissolve these calcified deposits, turning it into calcium sulfate and making it soluble so your body can excrete it,” David explains.

“The dosage of MSM has to be, in the beginning, maybe 2,500 mg per day. But really, you need to get up to 5,000 mg or 7,500 mg, and allow it to work over a period of months.

But don’t ever want to start anything at a very high dosage. Move into it gently.

I have a good friend of mine who is now taking 30,000 mg of MSM for his rheumatoid arthritis, and that is the dosage he needs in order to feel complete relief of his pain.”

Keep in mind that there may be side effects because MSM can detoxify you, and that may initially aggravate any condition you have. So increase dosage slowly to allow your body to adjust.

It’s also important to note that if you’re allergic to sulfa drugs, you may also have trouble with MSM because it is a type of sulfur.

MSM is not a drug however. It is a natural compound that exists in all trees and many plants. MSM is highly concentrated in aloe vera, for example, so you can also use natural aloe vera products that contain MSM in its natural form.

You can check out the supplement that I take here:  Also on HSN, and google it. You can find it elsewhere. I like this one for a few reasons. 1.) No smell. — Look, I have the nose of the Bionic Woman. I can smell a vitamin a mile away. And I gag—oh boy do I gag. If it smells awful then I can’t swallow the pill. 2.) If the pill is a big horse pill, I cannot swallow it. 3.) If the pills are rough, I cannot swallow them. 4.) I need the cap to be fairly easy to open. 5.) I do not want to take 8 or 9 tablets to meet the amount of serving size recommended.

Andrew Lessman’s meet all of the above requirements. I have bought and thrown away many different brands. They are capsules, smooth, easy to swallow, no smell, no indigestion, easy open cap. Yes, they cost a bit but well worth it. I notice my body is more in pain when I don’t take them. After just a few days back on them (2 per day) my body feels much better. Good luck! Stay tuned for more reviews. 🙂

Asking too much of myself

I am learning to respect myself. I am learning that my body has gone through dramatic changes over the past couple of years due to this chronic inflammation which has resulted, or been the result of, rheumatoid arthritis. I find that I look too far into the future to figure out what I should be doing, will be doing, where I will be placing my feet for good. I am one to not enjoy surprise and have preferred to have things worked out before time is upon me & to make a decision on my life. What I have learned is that I need to slow down, let things happen, and not fret so much. I have what I need, I can provide for my darling son, and live in a lovely home, rented but lovely. Deep breaths and getting in touch with possibly better physicians group (at Massachusetts General Hospital) will provide me with more information to make better decisions moving forward. Peace and love and hope.

I recommend some products here because I use and love them. I do not get asked to market or paid to market. I find these by my own trial and error. If someone from another blog should recommend to me or if someone should send something to me then shall always be honest first. 

SWIFFER has these awesome reachable dusting gadgets. Picture below. No strain on your shoulders. Just put it together simply. No stress. I can reach to the highest places and the lowest places without hurting anything. Best part is that I feel accomplished!! These thing pick up everything! Spiderwebs, dust, pollen, laundry room dust, just about anything a home can muster.  


Not expensive. Cheaper than buying paper towels. No chemicals. Did I say I love these? 🌹

Here’s a picture of one  of the dirty culprits in my home. for more information.  


It’s beautiful outside in Boston today!! Going to get outside for a long walk. I haven’t been running for some time. My medication was not working last year so a med change was in order. More about that coming soon. Love to all.  


Agreeing with myself….

I have learned that life is not something to beat into submission, nor have me beat into submission, but is like the ocean. Waves come in, and waves go out. yin/yang. Up and down. Good and bad. I believe that what we focus on we bring to ourselves…it’s sometimes tough to not focus. 


I’ve begun running again. RUNNING WITH RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS!! RUNNING WITH CHRONIC PAIN!! I must lose at least 40 lbs. I’ve lost an inch in my waist after 4 weeks of running. AND watching what I eat. Getting myself together and getting complaints filed and getting the money due to me. Long stories. I have felt as if I am a victim so long…too long. I had a wonderful husband who supported me. He’s gone now. He doesn’t support us at all. Not emotionally, not in any way or shape or form. Sad, actually. Even though we aren’t married any longer I would still support him, but he has tried to beat me down for so long and I have crawled back up. Running gives me strength. How it does this, I don’t know. Running brings me joy. I smile the most during and after a run 🙂 My little sweet dog, Max, is my running bud. He is a Malti-Poo and a damn tough one 🙂 He loves to run with me. Sometimes I go alone, and I hear him whimpering at the door as I walk down the driveway. Sigh…..Image

Where there is a will, there is a way…

Recently was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. This explains quite a bit as to the joint pain the past 8 months or so. The pain in my shoulders and hips had gotten to be so bad that I had to refer myself to a rheumatologist. Although  my primary care doctor had taken bloodwork for RA, she did not apparently take the exact blood work that was needed. I received the diagnosis on October 1st. This may explain my heart attack on April 23 of this year. I have been started on meds for inflammation. Strong Anti-inflammatories called Etodolac…or something to that effect. It works fine, although I still carry background pain. However today was a rainy, chilly day and  I was more sore than usual. I see my doctor in two weeks and he may tweak the meds if I am not 80% relieved from the pain.  I am not at 80% relief for sure. I will have to read about diet and exercise and figure out this whole new person. This year has been something else!!